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Accounting Services

Consultant services “Akuntan Pro” is the right choice in designing a financial reporting framework in accordance with PSAK Statement of Financial Accounting Standards. By using our services, your books are neater, more precise and accurate.

Accounting is a process of recording, classifying, summarizing, processing, and presenting data and events related to finance, so that it can be used by people who use it easily understood for decision making and other purposes.

Accounting reports are reports or records of transactions and events related to finance, so that they can be used by people who use them easily to be understood for decision making and other purposes.

Accounting reporting services are services provided by tax consultants to taxpayers to make reports or records of transactions and events related to finance, so that they can be used by people who use them easily to understand decisions and other purposes.

Bookkeeping Services

Bookkeeping is a financial statement preparation service starting from receiving the premier data and processing data obtained from the client admin until the financial statements are published. All financial information is recorded in accordance with the accounting function.

Financial Statement Supervision Services

Supervision of financial statements is the supervision service of the process of preparing financial statements. Supervision is carried out during the process of preparing financial statements. Our consultants will assist and provide technical direction and guidance related to competencies and procedures for preparing Financial Statements that are in accordance with the standards.

Financial Report Compilation Services

Compilation of financial statements is a compilation of financial data of clients to form the client’s financial statements by not providing a statement of assurance or confidence in the financial statements prepared.

Services Over Procedure Agreed

Services for agreed upon procedures are services performed by “Akuntan Pro” at the request of the client for certain cases, where the client requires further information on certain situations. In this service to achieve client goals, Akuntan Pro with the client will agree on certain procedures to achieve the objectives to be achieved by the client.

Accounting Information System Services

Accounting information system services are services performed by “Akuntan Pro” associated with accurate accounting information system analysis and assistance in implementing effective and efficient software accounting for clients.

Accounting Mentor Services

Accounting mentor services are services providing teaching/ direction/ technical accounting guidance to client entities. In cases like this the client already has an accounting staff but has not yet fully mastered the latest technical and regulatory related to accounting techniques, so a mentor is needed to update the staff’s knowledge.


Tax Consultant

Tax Consultant “Akuntan Pro” is a professional and trusted tax consulting service provider in Jakarta. “Akuntan Pro” is here to resolve client tax cases/ issues precisely, comprehensively and in accordance with applicable tax regulations. Every business decision must have tax implications and what makes this even more difficult is the ever changing tax regulations.

Companies face a daunting task of managing their tax costs and obligations. We combine insight and innovation. From various disciplines with business and industry knowledge to help your company excel globally.

Our services include:


Preparation and reporting of SPM and SPT for Corporate Income Tax, PPh 21, 23/26, 4 (2).


Review client compliance to measure tax risk.


Help clients to comply withholding taxes.


Be close to you to answer tax authority questions.


Assist clients in tax investigations and tax audit issues.


Representing clients in tax objections and disputes.


Personal taxation.

Akuntan Pro

Akuntan Pro is part of the Citra Global Consulting Group that first provided tax consulting services in 2013. With the spirit of “Opportunity in Numbers”. To meet the requirements for changing the daily business environment in Indonesia. We support our clients with the support of “generalist” and “specialist” professionals who can tailor our services to the specific needs of our clients.

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