Akuntan Pro

Akuntan Pro is a division of Citra Global Consulting Group that serves accounting consulting services. Citra Global Consulting Group is a business entity in Jakarta that provides consulting services and is assisted by consultants who have more than 10 years experience.

Why Us?

Why use our services as a solution to your company’s accounting, tax and management problems?

There are several benefits to the company if you use our services as a solution to the problems regarding your company’s financial and tax statements, including the following:

Legality Aspect

Citra Global Consulting Group already has an official legal umbrella that is recognized by the government and the Association of Professional Accountants (Indonesian Institute of Accountants – IAI).

Standards and Quality Aspect

Have a quality control system established by the Professional Association of Accountants as a control tool in maintaining the quality of accounting services.


Led and managed by a state-registered accountant who maintained his competence and professionalism.

Integrity Aspect

Citra Global Consulting Group upholds the code of ethics and professional standards set by the Professional Association of Accountants in providing services to clients/ service users.

Supervision and Guidance Aspects

Fostered and supervised by the Indonesian Ministry of Finance Professional Accountant Development Center and the Professional Accountants Association (Indonesian Institute of Accountants – IAI) in order to improve the professionalism and compliance of accountants.

Our Services

Bookeeping Services

Bookkeeping is a financial statement preparation service starting from receiving the premier data and processing data obtained from the client admin until the financial statements are published. All financial information is recorded in accordance with the accounting function.

Financial Report Compilation Services

Compilation of financial statements is a compilation of financial data of clients to form the client’s financial statements by not providing a statement of assurance or confidence in the financial statements prepared.

Financial Statement Supervision Services

Supervision of financial statements is the supervision service of the process of preparing financial statements. Supervision is carried out during the process of preparing financial statements. Our consultants will assist and provide direction and technical guidance related to competence and procedures for preparing financial reports that are in accordance with the standards.

Tax Consultant Services

Taxes are people’s contributions to the state based on the law, so that they can be imposed, by not being directly compensated. Tax accounting is an accounting information system that is needed by parties from internal or external of a company that is used as a basis for calculating the tax payable.

Transfer Pricing Documentation

Transfer pricing documentation preparation services including TP Doc preparation strategy. This is intended to assist clients in dealing with transfer pricing. We provide input on the documents and strategies needed to prevent losses from related party transactions and transfer pricing scenarios.


Having a professional consultant and integrity.


Fast, responsive, responsive, and easily accessible than other companies.


Having a commitment to provide high quality legal services to clients and


provide the best service for our clients.

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Akuntan Pro

Akuntan Pro is part of the Citra Global Consulting Group that first provided tax consulting & accounting services in 2013. With the spirit of “Opportunity in Numbers”. To meet the requirements for changing the daily business environment in Indonesia. We support our clients with the support of “generalist” and “specialist” professionals who can tailor our services to the specific needs of our clients.

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